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Midlife Evolutions

How have you evolved the last 10, 20 and 30 years? For me the evolution has been a crazy ride. As a teenager I was rebellious and wild. Then, I met my husband at 19, got married at 25 and became a Mom at 27. Each stage of my life has been full of fond memories as well as hard lessons. At this point in my life, I feel a little bit like when I was a teenager…. there is a lot of time to focus on myself. Unlike the selfishness of a teenager, I am focusing on learning and growing into becoming the best version of myself. As a young mom, it was more about trying to keep my sanity.

Looking back to when my kids were little, my life was a similar to the movie “Groundhog Day.” Wake up, feed kids, drop them off at daycare, go to work, pick up kids, cook dinner, read books, give baths, etc.…. I am sure all of you can relate to this. Some of you may still be living this right now with little ones at home. I am exhausted thinking about it. During this time my life was fully functioning, but I was in survival mode. So many things to think about and take care of…there was little room in my life for anything else.

Things shifted for me when I began taking hot power yoga classes 8 years ago. Taking the 60-75 minutes to “be present” for myself in a moving meditation changed something within me. I began to explore mediation, gratitude journaling and all-around wellness beyond physical fitness which I learned while getting my undergraduate degree in exercise science.

Unfortunately, while I was focused on strengthening my mental and physical wellness, my nutritional wellness went south. In 2018 I stepped on the scale and was mortified that I weighed as much as I did in my first trimester of pregnancy. I had been working out 4-6 days per week, but I wasn’t paying attention to what food I put in my body. I reached out to my friend and trainer Michelle. She coached me through 12 weeks of nutrition and exercise. This was a game changer…FINALLY I felt good physically and mentally.

For the last 2 ½ years I have been eating healthy the majority of time (ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE), strength training, practicing yoga, and completing a gratitude journal daily. This is not a bragging session; I just want YOU to know…life does not stop when you hit midlife. It can be better than you ever imagined. YOU CAN balance nutrition, movement AND mindfulness as you age. My goal is to help you see what is possible for yourself! If you are like me... you have spent the last decade or more focused on making sure everyone else in your life is taken care of…now is the time to ensure you take care of yourself. Come join me on this MIDLIFE EVOLUTION!


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