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My Mission

To educate women on the basics of nutrition in order to take control of their health.  It is never too late in your life to get healthy and make yourself a priority.  To educate women on nutrition and fitness in order to stop the vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight.  Teaching women how to balance food, fitness and mindfulness in order to take control of their health and wellness.  

My Values


The Rest of My Story

Hi, I am Lyndi.  I am a mom of two boys, dog mom, and wife.  I live and breath wellness and helping others achieve their lifestyle goals.  I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and have loved fitness since college, however I always struggled with nutrition.  I tried every diet invented from the cabbage soup diet, Zone Diet, Paleo, Keto, starvation, etc.

When I stepped on the scale in 2018 I cried.  I was at the heaviest I had ever been (besides my 2 pregnancies). I was working out 6 days per week but I was not eating the right foods.  I thought I was destined to be heavier for the rest of my life.  I finally hired a coach in January of 2019 and learned the basics of nutrition and how to change my lifestyle to improve my health.  I stopped yo yo dieting and have been eating healthy consistently since 2019.  I believe in balance, not extreme dieting but rather eating healthy nutritious meals most of the time but yet also enjoying birthday cake and other delicious treats.

During the pandemic I realized that many of the fitness and nutrition influencers that I followed were significantly younger than me and my friends.  I couldn’t find many women in their 40’s and 50’s who were “influencers” lifting weights and eating healthy, so I decided to create Midlifemood.  I wanted to role model behavior that would show women can be fit and healthy at any age.   In 2021 I decided to get my ISSA nutritionist certification and start to help women reach their goals!

I do believe there is more to a balanced lifestyle than eating healthy and exercise.  I have been practicing yoga regularly since 2013.  I very deeply believe that mental health and mindfulness impact how we see ourselves and how we show up for others.  In 2021 I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training so that I could teach others the benefits of the physical and mental benefits that yoga provides.  I teach at local studio in person and also offer 1:1 private classes both in person and virtually. 


When I talk to women who want to lose weight they are often overwhelmed on where to begin.  It is my goal to break it down for them into baby steps so that they can reach their goals.  Oftentimes we try to change everything at once which leads to failure and a vicious cycle of feeling like a failure.

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