Morning Routine | Day 1

Today I woke up with fucks to give. Instead of waking up sore, sleep deprived and defensive to the day, I saw a glimmer of purpose. So, I set aside my selfish self-loathing and started a morning routine.

  1. No phone, aside from checking time and weather
  2. 2 glasses of water | chugged back to back, wake up my body
  3. Pee
  4. 1 glass of water with vitamins (Emergen-C packet and daily multi-vitamins)
  5. Wash an apple to eat on a walk
  6. Put on socks and shoes
  7. Stretch | simple rolling of shoulders, bending at waist, indian style leg pressure
  8. Sit Ups | slow, leg raises, side to side
  9. Pee / Poop
  10. Start walk and eat apple | I walked 4 square blocks (brisk, humid, 40 degrees)
  11. Stop walk and throw away apple
  12. Pee / Poop
  13. Start writing

My thoughts…

I feel refreshed. My day began early, yet my body feels more awake than usual.

My brain is still catching up, but my motivation is idling smoothly.
Possible changes…

  • Add focus on my posture, while stretching, walking and sitting.
  • Add daily weight, for later comparison.
  • Pre-sort vitamins into daily containers, to save time before walk.
  • Create basic daily writing plan, with expectations, the night before.


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Daily Ideas List | Sep 11 2015

 1. App. Call it: In Life Purchase or ILP. Compare to “in app purchase” where people buy digital nonsense for 99 cents to 99 dollars. Instead, people get app notifications about real world causes they can pay small amounts for. Not kickstarter because it’s an ongoing service that rotates through ongoing causes.

 2. Parody. Call it: Animated Gif Screenshots. Otherwise known as regular gifs, or pictures.

 3. Service. Call it: Soundtracks. A streaming audio service for existing movies and TV shows. Think Netflix without video. Less bandwidth, less data, for people who listen to cinematic adventures without watching.

 4. App. Local school bus tracker. Allows parents to see realtime updates of where bus is for pick ups and drop offs.

 5. Service. Call it: Gas me. On demand, real time local service for requesting roadside gas delivery. Reason: People run out of gas, and most roadside services call tow truck driver who charges excessive markup. Think: Uber, for gas delivery.

 6. Cookbook. For parents who are not cooks. Nothing fancy, based on reviews from real parents and food their kids actually eat.

 7. Product. Call it: Drinkometer or Drinkme, or LifeLiter. Water bottle consumption tracker. Fits on or near opening and measures daily water consumption. For people who need to drink enough water daily.

 8. Product. Updated tire boot. Use a light collapsible metal frame that fits alongside tires instead of bulky metal boot under.

 9. Product. Dual screen fold back phone, allows touch screen on back while viewing front screen, without fingers blocking view.

 10. Website. Call it: CandAid. For political candidate followers to easily donate, socially share, reference current candidate news. OR publicly spotlight candidates with how much or little aid they give to others.

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Daily Ideas List | Sep 5 2015

 1. Food. Bubble Gummies. Combine gummy bears with bubble gum. & fruit by the foot properties, inflate by blowing into hole, and eat. 

2. App. Local area anonymous communicator. Send and receive messages anonymously with people within short range. 

 3. Service. Call it: Same Boat. People share specifics of what’s bothering them most in life. They are then matched with another “in the same boat” to talk with. Basically anonymous Facebook mixed with single-serving-friends from Fightclub.

 4. Service. Anonymously call or receive calls to speak with real people who want to talk. Add custom filters and rating system to reduce offensive users. 

 5. Service. Call it: Whose There. You call anonymous people waiting to hear your jokes. Stand up comic starter for busy people with jobs, who still want to be funny. Add rating system with feedback you get synced to timing of your jokes. See where to improve. Like Funny or Die and home viewer voting on any live stage reality TV talent show. 

 6. Service. Call it: Imperson. You pay to receive an audio recording of your message, spoken by people who do amateur impersonations. Rating system and examples. Like Fiverr but only audio impersonations and no reason to be 5 bucks.

 7. Service. Work with radio stations to provide solutions to common caller requests. In exchange for air time and real world data about user demographics and desires worthy of asking a radio host live.

 8. Service. Create connection between podcasts allowing “now let’s go to… ” feature for endless podcast experience. Like live newscast and live radio and reality TV.

 9. Book Series. Call it: Debt Roll; Debt or Death Ahead; Reality Checks. Discuss bluntly honest serious debt scenarios, with timeline interviews with people who experienced them. Explain what they did during and after, and what they do now. Example scenarios (specific to debt theme) are: student debt, credit card debt, medical debt, bankruptcy. Ask and discuss real questions like: Do I pay debt or stop paying and live with bad credit? Does bad credit matter if I never borrow again? What about for my kids?

 10. Service. Subscription. Ex College students (with and without student debt) get monthly simple survey asking where their money goes. Next month they get tallied results of prior month. All subscribers see trend of money priorities after college. Like anonymous peer pressure and collective social experiment.

Daily Ideas List | Sep 3 2015

 1. Game. Like Minecraft and Waterworld. Start on floating cloud, use water to build and connect to other clouds and water below. Temperature changes water state.

 2. Game. Like Grand Theft Auto and Sims. Camera Man perspective. Witness interesting things happen, and attempt to record optimal moments for sharing and going viral. 

 3. App/Game. Visual time waster. Random generated clouds moving, you screen capture when clouds look like goal object. Best matches get upvoted.

 4. SaaS. Like #SumoMe concepts. Call it: Tarp. Custom front page for webpages and apps. Not pop up. Not email opt in. Wait list reveal opt in. Curiosity interest builder specific to page topic. Think: a tarp partially covering a vehicle, only showing tires and rims, very intriguing to a car lover, ignored by others.

 5. App. Clouds around the world. You record clouds moving in sky, sharing for others to enjoy. 

 6. Product/Food. Tortilla plates. Function like paper plates, and edible.

 7. Product/Food. Granola spoons. Function like plastic spoons, and edible.

 8. Product/Food. Candle holder with s’more maker attachment. Lowers marshmallow and chocolate near flame, pulls up into graham cracker.

 9. Product. Crayon pencil. Wax around graphite center.

 10. Product. Tablet Tray. Like TV tray, that connects to tablet (or phone). Holds food in close reach while using device. Bonus idea: thumb flippers for quick snack delivery to mouth.

Daily Ideas List | Aug 30 2015

 1. Kickstarter/Crowdsourced solutions. Instead of products needing money, offer problems needing solutions. If enough people join, showing interest, the problem is considered worth putting time and money into. 

 2. Website. Call it: “ShareIF”. Shared collections of photos, memes, causes, and ideas with a specific purpose. Facebookies will love this, since so many posts say “Share if…” to urge people to spread their message.

 3. Podcast. Call it: “Brain Sucker Starving”. Talk about problems and possible solutions in a “think tank” no filter no judgement style. Let the listeners respond with ideas and playback in follow up podcast sessions. 

 4. Parody. Coloring pages subscription. Call it: “Shut Up And Color”. No complex patterns. No skill needed. Solid black / silhouettes that you color around “outside the lines” or stick figures with only lines. 

 5. Training. Create an online class to teach upcoming programmers how to write pseudo code; proper logic planning and commenting, regardless which language is used. Also, how and why to add meaningful comments before and during programming.

 6. Product. Touch panel for back of phone. Allows navigation without blocking screen.

 7. Parody. Cell phones that don’t allow pesky phone calls. Phone service is at home, so you won’t be bothered while playing games or being “social” online. Think: how phones were 10 years ago.

 8. Product. Etch-a-sketch or magnetic drawing board that treats lines drawn as path of electricity, allows visual for live logic gates.

 9. Product. Forknife. Regular fork with small knife blade running perpendicular below fork prongs close to handle. Allows quick cut forkfuls of food to be consumed.

 10. Website. Local classifieds for books only. Post books you want. Post books you have. Sell, trade, or connect with others who enjoy the same books and topics.

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